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Acai is a grape like fruit with a juicy pulp harvested from tall and slender palm trees [Euterpe oleracia] which are native to the tropical rainforests of South America. It is either eaten raw or used in beverages. Acai has been viewed for many years as the super healthy food with various people claiming of its massive ability to help the body. The claims range from erectile dysfunction, detoxification, arthritis, skin appearance and weight-loss. But, does acai really cleanse the body?

There has been limited research on acai fruit but it is safe to consume the fruit as long as you are not allergic to it, however, you should be careful when using acai products that contain other ingredients such as caffeine. You should feel free to consult with your doctor.

Acai contains high levels of antioxidants, fibers and healthy fats than other berries that are regularly consumed. Acai also contains other vital nutrients that are important to your body, for this fact, acai qualifies as a colon cleanser and can also be used in weight-loss. Acai speeds up weight-loss due to the amount of waste that is being eliminated from the body, most of it being fats. Acai also has anti-ageing properties hence its use in skin appearance products.

For people who have kidney conditions or those who take medication for high cholesterol levels, it is important to know that high intake of acai products may affect their conditions. If you are scheduled to have a magnetic resonance imaging test [MRI scan] you should let your doctor know if you have been eating acai berries or using acai berry cleanse products as very high doses of acai may affect the results of your MRI scan leading to a misdiagnosis.

Acai berries and acai berry cleanse products are safe to use just like other fruit products but they must be used carefully as there is limited information about the berry. If you intend to use acai, be sure to consult with your local health food store or your doctor.

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