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What is Acai?

Acai is a tropical fruit which is known for its many health benefits. The fruit is also known for its delicious taste which distinguishes it from any other type of tropical fruit. People all over the world seems to have realized the health benefits of this fruit. However, it is important to note that, although Acai fruit has a lot of advantages, some notorious people and manufacturers have come up with other benefits of this fruit which are not entirely true. Today we will be looking at this fruit to let you know what this fruit really is, its origin and why it became so popular.

Acai berry is regarded as a top superfood. Superfood refers to any food that contains superior or a lot of nutrients. Acai berry is known for its nutritional value that adds to its health benefit. Acai berry is a dark fruit that is purple in color. Its shape resembles that of a grape and these berries are usually found in big clusters, mostly on palm trees. These berries are very popular in the Amazon rain forest. The Acai berry contains a very large seed and only around 10 percent of the whole berry is actually a fruit. The Acai tree does not have any branches and hence harvesting of the berries is a quite laborious process.

It is believed that Acai initially evolved from the rain forests before finding its way to Brazil and its cities. It is in Brazil that its health benefits were discovered and with this knowledge came the invention of smoothies that usually have numerous health benefits. It was believed that the Acai berry improved energy levels in human bodies and was therefore very popular especially with surfers and sports persons. The health benefits of this fruit were finally confirmed by scientists after numerous experiments and research.

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