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Given all the healthy benefits of Acai fruit, now comes the question of where you can actually purchase this product. Whereas it is possible to find a lot of dealers dealing with this product, it is important that you know the genuine dealers. This is so because it is possible to come across notorious dealers on the internet who are selling this product for the wrong reasons. For instance, you can come across manufacturers claiming that this product can be used by people who want to lose weight. Whether that is true or not, that is a matter of another day. Today, I am going to list a few of Acai dealers to help you get this product with ease and with no much struggle.

Amazonia.com– Amazonia.com is one of the dealers that deal with Acai and its products. Amazonia.com are known for their Premium Acai which is purple in colour. Amazonia.com sell this product to both final customers or to people who deal with this product or retailers. Amazonia.com offers shipment services all over Australia and all you have to do is to order this product in their online platform.

Amazon.com– Amazon.com is famous for its other products that it ships worldwide. However, Amazon.com also stock this berry together with its products. Some of the Acai products that Amazon stock include Amafruits Acai Berry which is said to be the highest source of antioxidant in food, it is also said to contain amino acids. Another significant feature of this Acai product is the presence of vitamins, minerals and some fatty acids. All you have to do is to get into their online platform and order this product. You will be able to get the shipment information depending on your locality.

Sambazon.com– Sambazon.com is another company that deals with Acai. Sambazon.com is located at California in America and has numerous cafes that stock this product. More information regarding Sambazon.com and the locations of the café are readily available on their website.

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